Sr.No. Circular No. Date Class Subject
1. Periodic Test-I Time Table 04/07/19 For Std. VI & X Only Periodic Test-I Time Table
2. BBPVM/TN/2019-20/EXAM/Cir no. 21(a) 09/07/19 For Std. VI -VIII Periodic & Listening Skill Test Time Table
3. BBPVM/TN/2019-20/EXAM/Cir no. 21(b) 09/07/19 For Std. IX - X Periodic Test Time Table
4. BBPVM/TN/2019-20/EXAM/Cir no. 62(a) 03/09/19 For Std. I to V Written Evaluation I Time Table
5. BBPVM/TN/2019-20/EXAM/Cir no. 62(b) 03/09/19 For Std. VI to VIII Term I Time Table
6. BBPVM/TN/2019-20/EXAM/Cir no. 62(c) 03/09/19 For Std. IX - X Half Yearly Examination Time Table
7. BBPVM/TN/2019-20/EXAM/Cir no. 62(d) 03/09/19 For Std. XI Half Yearly Examination Time Table
8. BBPVM/TN/2019-20/EXAM/Cir no. 148 10/12/19 For Std. X Preliminary Examination Time Table (STD. X)
9. BBPVM/TN/2019-20/EXAM/Cir no. 203(a) 07/02/20 For Std. VIII and IX Term II / Annual Promotion Examination Time Table
10. BBPVM/TN/2019-20/EXAM/Cir no. 216(a) 06/03/20 For Std. I to V Written Evaluation III Time Table
11. BBPVM/TN/2019-20/EXAM/Cir no. 216(b) 05/03/20 For Std. VI and VII Term II Time Table